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Jena Spring School on Educational Measurement


Next Jena Spring School

The next Jena Spring School on Educational Measurement will take place on March 29-31, 2017. Click here to get more information on the workshop program. Please use the registration form on our website to register for the workshops.

Special Issue "Advances in Educational Measurement"

In 2017, participants will have the outstanding opportunity to submit proposals for research papers to be published in the Special Topic "Advances in Educational Measurement" (Eds. A. Frey, C. König, & C. Spoden) of Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling after the Spring School. The workshop organizers will be asked to contribute to accepted proposals as co-authors. The special issue will include up to 12 peer-reviewed papers investigating or applying a method presented at the Spring School. It is scheduled for publication in April 2018.

About the Jena Spring School

The Jena Spring School on Educational Measurement is hosted by the Department of Research Methods in Education at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany. The overarching goal of the Spring School is to provide researchers working in the field of educational measurement, psychology, and general educational research with an opportunity to improve their methodological knowledge and skills required for conducting educational research at an international level.

The Spring School offers workshops that cover recent methodological topics in educational research and provide a mixture of lectures and hands-on-exercises. The 2017 workshops are held by distinguished measurement experts from Germany, Canada, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The intended audience for the Spring School workshops is English-speaking postgraduates (with or without a PhD) and professors. The language of instruction is English.

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Motivation for setting up the Jena Spring School

In recent years, the importance of Educational Measurement has grown substantially and still continuous to grow. Profound knowledge of the current methodological developments in areas like Item-Response-Theory, Bayesian modelling, longitudinal analysis and multi-level analysis and skills to apply them are indispensable in order to conduct research at an international level. But, these methodological aspects are rarely covered by the current university curricula in educational science and psychology - at least in Europe. The aim of the Spring School is to close this gap by offering a range of appropriate high-quality workshops. Additionally, the Spring School provides a great opportunity for participants to meet and learn to know colleagues conducting methodological research or using elaborate statistical methods.